Man Disgusted At Bare Feet Movie-Goer


People are left in awe after a man describes how a woman bizarrely exposed her bare feet in the cinema during a recent trip.

A Reddit user explained the condition of the person's feet alongside the photo: "We had to change seats because these were the ones we had reserved."

People were shown pushing their feet through gaps behind the seat with their toes exposed - toes and all.

Over 3,500 people have commented on the image since the man shared it, surpassing 35,000 interactions.

As one Reddit user put it: "We should stop letting people feel entitled to their bulls---. It's your seats, so tell them to move their dogs, if they don't, ask a manager to do it."

It was somewhat strange for some people to find the situation so peculiar, while others thought it best to share their suggestions on how to deal with it.

In one joke, someone said to use your phone's flash while taking pictures of their feet. Then whisper loud enough so they hear "Well, that'll do.".

The second joked, "Fake a sneeze and spray soda on their toes and listen for their horror scream.".

Another suggested: "I would hold their feet until it's over and not let go."


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