Woman Sends Grass To Ex's House


In a bizarre act of revenge, a woman sent grass samples to the house of her ex-boyfriend's mother, leaving people in hysterics.

As people have tried savage pranks on their ex-partners with the internet over the years, we have been treated to a variety of hilarious petty revenge tales.

There appears to be only one woman who seems to have topped the scale as she claims to have sent grass to her ex-boyfriend's household.

She detailed how sending free samples of 'budget artificial grass' to her ex's family angered her ex's mother on TikTok account @kazancigil.liss.

To date, Alyssia's video has surpassed 2.1 million views since she shared it on the popular video-streaming service.

She explained, "This is your sign to send grass samples to your ex.".

This viral video shows screenscraps of a text exchange between Alyssia and her ex-boyfriend.

It all began when her ex sent her a text message asking if she had sent grass to her house.

Using a laughing emoji, she joked, "Who is this?".

The person is familiar to you," he said. "Was it you who sent grass to my mother's house because she wasn't happy?"

In response, Alyssia said, "It wasn't me. Why would I do that?"?

"Ur the only bird with my address," replied the ex-boyfriend.

I wouldn't waste my time being petty over some boy, but I hope you find out who did it." said the TikToker.

"Alright then, cheers," he concluded.

Alyssia captioned the hilarious clip with: "Hope you enjoyed your grass."

The video has raked in over 3,400 comments so far, where people have admittedly been in hysterics over the experience.

People wrote: "Hahhaha that's hilarious, I'd have asked if there were greener pastures".

"Why would his mum be annoyed by artificial grass?" a second asked.

The third wrote: "I'm sorry, it's just one sample."


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